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Pachuca FC, as an official affiliate of the team Pachuca Club de Futbol, have a zero tolerance policy for violence, drugs/alcohol use and player/parent misconduct. Pachuca FC will take swift action to hold all involved accountable, if we are notified of any player/parent violation to this policy. Through our sponsor organization, The Ninety Minutes Foundation, we work to give children from all socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to train and play. We are dedicated to the safety and development of our players on the field. However, we hold everyone who wears our logo to a higher standard and will not accept when that standard is not upheld by players and/or parents. Players and parents who are members of a Pachuca FC affiliated team are required to read and sign the Pachuca FC Zero Tolerance Policy and accept the repercussions that come with breaking said policy - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Luis Omar Tapia
President & CEO

Randolph Torres
General Counsel



Miguel Calero - Presidente Honorario de MIAMI PACHUCA FC. No hay palabras para agradecer su esfuerzo, su apoyo incondicional, le dio vida a un sueño, que hoy en día es realidad en el Sur de la Florida.

Miguel Calero - Honorary President of MIAMI PACHUCA FC. There are no words that could properly express our gratitude to him for his effort and unconditional support. Mr. Calero helped make a dream a reality. Today, Pachuca FC is a success in South Florida.

Never Forgotten.


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